Feedback About Living With Fibromyalgia

"This film only tells the story of seven people, and yet you've told my story. You've told my story. You've told the story of millions."
- Sharon Squires, RN and fibromyalgia patient

"I saw the DVD yesterday at a viewing at a local hospital in Woodbridge, VA.  I can't tell you how much it affected me in a positive manner.  While watching it, I couldn't help but think 'Hey, they are just like me!' As a result of watching the DVD, and getting useful information from the local FMS support group, I can finally accept this illness (after being diagnosed close to 20 years ago).  I've ordered the DVD to share with my family and friends so they can hopefully see that I for the most part, I do pretty well, but I will have bad days and that is okay. I think viewing Living With Fibromyalgia may have changed my life! Thank you.
- Kelly Martin, fibromyalgia patient

"Living With Fibromyalgia was absolutely awesome. You did definitely accomplish your goal of bringing awareness, understanding and hope to me and to my family. My brother, for the first time-and I've been diagnosed since 1993-realized that I wasn't crazy and that this was real, and I wasn't a drug addict. It was definitely life-changing for my family and for me."
- Cherie Sandberg, fibromyalgia patient

"I do not have the correct words for it, but I feel more alive and full of hope and more 'normal'-not crazy-since seeing your documentary. Thank you. It gave me the confirmation I needed to continue to put my health first and to know that I'm not lazy and never have been. Thank you again!"
- Becky Anderson, fibromyalgia patient

"I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed watching Living With Fibromyalgia last night. You succeeded in producing a beautiful, moving film. It actually made me cry, because it's a powerful thing to hear other people articulate a range of emotions and experiences to which I could relate. I'm sure you will hear this over and over from the Fibromyalgia community, but I felt like each of the personal stories shared in that film could have been mine in a sense."
- Sharon Fugimoto-Johnson, fibromyalgia patient

"I thought the documentary was excellent. While watching the film, I could swear I was hearing my own stories. I cried a lot because I knew I wasn't the only one who was battling this 'you look fine' illness. I still plan on running and/or walking the Chicago Marathon and maybe some day I will be able to participate in a triathlon, as I have always wanted. That has been the hardest part of fibromyalgia, losing my athletic abilities. It is as if you lose yourself. Please thank everyone for me! Without this film, I probably would have given up."
- Rebecca Nimsgern, fibromyalgia patient

"I'm so thankful I watched this film - it was eye-opening. This film inspired me to get educated and get involved with my mom's recovery."
- Candice Gilliam, daughter of fibromyalgia patient

"I cannot thank you enough for producing this DVD. It made me feel VALIDATED just to watch and listen, plus it gave me some ideas to add to the ones I am working on to make my life more live-able, more enjoyable. Thank you for adding so much to my life. I have the DVD still in one of my two players as I plan on watching it many more times!!!"
- Lyne Shop, fibromyalgia patient

"I just wanted to say I saw your DVD the other night and thought it was just wonderful. I had my husband watch it with me, and he really liked it, and said he learned more about fibro than anything else he had seen or read. Which is great, as I am pretty vocal about it, but he gets overwhelmed. And most info out there is to technical for him. He loved that this DVD was on a level he could "get" in layman's terms - so to speak - and as he was watching others stories, and seeing me in them, it really opened his eyes. So what a fringe benefit!"
- Sheila Cruthirds, fibromyalgia patient

"I watched my copy of the documentary last night. I have had fibromyalgia pretty much my whole life, but did not become very sick till about three years ago. You depicted the illness perfectly and it touched on all major things that I think of when I think about the illness and the challenges I have faced. Once you do find a balance you can do more things. It's a lot of listening to your body and figuring out your limits. And the video touched on that. It is just wonderful to know I am not alone and that I am not crazy. So many times I fight with feeling like a failure because of having to re-arrange my life and set different goals, and many people do not understand it. But it helped so much hearing and seeing it on the video. We survive and push, and that makes us champions."
- Jenifer Chapman, fibromyalgia patient

"Living With Fibromyalgia is the first documentary to explore the most intimate feelings and life-altering experiences of seven individuals living with the daily challenges of fibromyalgia. It will make you laugh and cry... a must see for anyone who is living with or knows someone with fibromyalgia."
- Lynne Matallana, Founder/President, National Fibromyalgia Association

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