Stephen Eyer and Daneen Akers
Stephen and Daneen are a husband and wife producing team. They currently run Trillusion Media, Inc., a San Francisco-based media company that produces products that are meant to connect us. (And can often be found doting over their faithful mascot Pali, a purebred mutt with a heart of gold.)

They got interested in this project several years ago when Daneen's mom was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. While it was a relief to finally have a name for the mysterious pain and debilitating fatigue, there was also quite a bit of scrabbling to find good information. After the initial confusion of trying to figure out just how to spell "fibromyalgia," the family discovered that there is a lot of information about fibromyalgia (some great, some just trying to sell a cure-all), but nothing visual that the family could watch together.

They produced Living With Fibromyalgia to help other families in their same situation. "We have tried to produce a documentary that our family would benefit from-something the whole family can sit down to watch together to get a baseline of information as well as hope from other patients and families in the same situation," Akers said. "We strove to find an honest balance between the good and the ugly that a diagnosis of fibromyalgia brings both to patients and their loved ones-always with the goal of sharing hope."

They'd love to hear about your experience with fibromyalgia. Feel free to drop them a note.